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March 11, 2009

"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge ..." (Hosea 4:6 KJV)

Christian Faith / Bible Study / Educational / Devotional Links

The Ankerberg Theological Research Institute - Christian Apologetic covering Evolution, Bible Doctrine, Cults

The Berean Call -Visit Evangelist, Bible Scholar and Teacher Dave Hunt at this Ministry's Home Page!

The Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry - Info on New Age, Evolutionism, Evangelism and Doctrine

Chinese / English Bible Studies on the Internet - John Fok's Hong Kong Internet Site for Evangelizing the Far East

Evolution or God's Word? - Dave Hunt on Evolutionism and Official Statements from the Vatican

Church Tradition or Christ? - Dave Hunt on How Mainline Churches are Abandoning Biblical Truths

"I Will Build My Church" - Dave Hunt on How the Gospel Distinguishes between Israel and the Church

Bible Studies - Several Excellent Articles on Christian Faith and Living by Cornerstone Church of Garden City, Kansas

The Gospel Betrayed - Dave Hunt on How Ecumenical Church Movements Nullify the Gospel

Good People Don't Go To Heaven - Harpazo Net Article on Accepting God's Grace versus Human "Good" Works

God's Law versus God's Grace - Harpazo Net Article on the Central Message of the Gospel

Understanding the Grace of God in Jesus Christ - Calvary Chapel Articles on God's Amazing Grace in Christ

Conservative Christian Theology - Biblically-Based Teachings for Conservative Study of Scripture

The Signature of God - Startling Archeological Discoveries - Grant R. Jeffrey discusses Archaeology and the Bible

Coalition of Christians for Biblical Creation - Answers on Biblical Creation, Evolutionism, Dinosaurs and The Flood

Koinonia House - Bible Study Articles - Excellent Study Articles for Christians covering Multitudes of Topics

Koinonia House - Blue Letter Bible - Powerful Bible Search Engine with Cross-Referencing and Graphics

In Defense of the Holy Trinity - The Scriptural Basis for the Holy Trinity of the Eternal Godhead

The Holy Trinity - Article on the Holy Trinity of the Godhead by Cornerstone Church of Garden City, Kansas

Answers to Cults - Examining Heretical Teachings that Don't Balance with Scripture

Chick Tracts - Jack Chick Publishes Tracts about Several Biblical Subjects

Co-Redemptrix or Misrepresented? - Has Jesus' Mother Mary been Misrepresented Biblically?

The Security of the Christian Believer - The Scriptural Basis for the Security of the Believer

10 Reasons to Believe - Excellent Articles for Christians and Non-Christians Alike - "Know Why You Believe"

Statement of Beliefs - Calvary Chapel Articles on Fundamental Christian Beliefs

The Word of God: The Bible - Calvary Chapel Articles on God's Holy Scriptures

Jewish and Christian Religious Links - Visit Duncan's Site and see his Collection of Images, Links and Articles!

RBC Ministries Devotionals - The Surfer's Daily Devotionals in English, Spanish and Indonesian Translations

Super Christian Ladies Corner

Annie's Home Page - Wow!  These Ladies Create Some of the BEST Web Sites! - Encouragement, Verse-A-Day, Fantastic!

Peggie's Place! - Visit the Most Fun Christian Home on the WWW! - A Nice Lady Whose Web Site has Something for Everyone!

Christian Ministry Links

Bahamas Faith Ministries International - Visit Dr. Myles Munroe's International Outreach Center in Nassau, Bahamas

Mario Murillo Ministries Online - One of the Most Inspirational Christian Speakers / Evangelists of Our Generation!

Excellent Christian Links

Upon This - Christian Web Sites Organized by Businesses, Ministries, Churches, Graphics - In English and Spanish

Word is Spirit Evangelism - Join Internet Evangelist Robert Hayes in a Revival on Internet Radio!

Bible Study Articles

Grace and the Ten Commandments - How Does the Christian Relate to the Mount Sinai Covenant?

Parakletos:  A Greek Word for Holy Spirit - The Holy Trinity of God, The Gospel and Salvation

The Holy Spirit in Luke-Acts - God the Holy Spirit as Revealed by Doctor Luke

Genesis 11: The Tower of Babel - The United Nations Before the Boutros Boutros ...Golly!

The King James Bible - The Most Popular English Translation of the Bible

Popular Myths About the Bible - What Traditional Myths About the Bible are Repudiated by Scripture?

Structure of the Protestant Bible Canon - The Structure and Books of the KJV, NKJV, NASB, & NIV Bibles

Links of Christian Links

Anointed Christian Links - A Great Referral Page from Down Under - Serving Australia, the United States and the World!

Christian Resource Index - Tons and Tons of Links to Christian Sites on Music, Apologetics, Prophecy, Etc.!

Christian Television Broadcasters

Trinity Broadcasting Network - "24 and 7" Christian Programming Around the World

Christian Broadcasting Network - Another Ministry of World-Wide Evangelism

Webmaster: Although I don't necessarily agree with every teaching found on the above sites, I have examined each of the immediate links and found them to be substantially sound Scripturally and well-written.  I try to monitor the sites but cannot be responsible for all of their content.  Also, some links may lead away to other teachings that are Biblically unsound, so check your Bible daily!!! (Acts 17:10-12)

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